Eucalypts in the Mist

Eucalypts in the Mist - The essence of the Eucalyptus Tree


Eucalypts in the Mist.  Diptych 80x60cm - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas.

Colour evokes mood and Jennifer's area is bush and mountain ranges where the eucalyptus trees grow and where the changing colour depends on the weather.

In Summer it is hot and dry.  In Autumn it is when the leaves turn and change.  In Winter it is windy and cold. In Spring the new buds form and trees blossom.  This means the colours are forever changing.

Jennifer choose winter when the mist comes over the mountains and it is time for a fire to warm the house.  The misty cold day is one of muted colours and silence.  The bark has already come off the trees and there is a soft beauty covering the landscape.  The colours have changed and mood for winter has arrived.

This painting was exhibited in the Royal Qld. Art Society Exhibition.


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